When we took over the farm in 2005, it was a small property with just a few fruit trees. We joked our new place was nothing but a chicken coop and aptly so, the property became fondly known as "Kotetsi", the Greek word for "chicken coop". Reconnecting with our Greek heritage, we began planting rows of olive and fig trees. Our kids and their families loved visiting the farm to escape city life, as did our friends. By 2013, we harvested enough fruit to make our first batch of olive oil. We almost couldn't believe how rich the colour and flavour was - truly amazing! We treasured every drop. 


As the olive trees matured and produced more fruit, we began to host busy olive picking weekends with friends and family. To this day, we pick each olive by hand with our children, grandchildren and a small team of friends. We now crush and bottle our oil on site as well.


We are proud to say that we do not spray pesticides on our olive trees and we only bottle the highest of quality extra virgin olive oil - unfiltered & first cold press - it's about as pure as olive oil gets and the taste speaks for itself!


We sincerely hope you enjoy our oil as much as we do. The farm has become our pride and joy, where we have shared many very special moments with family and friends. Whilst we presently only sell our oil through this website, we hope to create a cellar door so that in the future, we can also share the farm with our valued customers.

Nick and Eveleen